How Our CSA Works

Your-Choice CSA

Here’s how it works:

CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a simple way for you to enjoy local, seasonal, fresh and nutritious produce from farmers you know and trust.

Our Your-Choice CSA provides you with high-quality produce from June to October. In return, you pay for your share up-front, at a discounted price, before the season begins. Then when the season starts, all you have to do is pick-up your “share” each week for the next 20-weeks at the farm.

Your upfront-payment helps farmers buy materials for the upcoming season, and in exchange, a share of the harvest is planned and reserved for you. Memberships are limited each year and signing-up early reserves your share.

For more information, or to hear what others have to say, go to our FAQ page and our Testimonials page.

Your-Choice?—what’s that about?

Our CSA, unlike some models, enables you to choose what kinds of produce you take home each week. We call it a Your-Choice CSA. We set up all the veggies like you’d see at the market, then you pick the items you want. Don’t like fennel? No problem, choose something else!

What’s in a share?

A full-share member chooses 12 “items” each week, sized to feed a single household of 2-4 people. We recommend a full-share for 2 veggie-eating adults.

A half-share member chooses 6 items each week. This share is sized for 1 adult households, or 2 very light veggie eaters.

An “item” may be one head of lettuce, a bag of spinach, a pound of carrots, etc. depending on the harvest.

The vegetables available each week will change according to the season and growing conditions. In 2022, we grew over 40 different crops. See our FAQ for more info on what we grow.

How much does it cost (2023)?

We’re committed to making fresh food as financially accessible as possible. Read on!

12 items
$680 total ($34/week)

6 items
$440 total ($22 per week)

Shares are sized and priced for single-family households. If it’s just you, the half-share is a great option.

How to sign up and pay for your share:

It’s simple! Head to the Join Our CSA page where you can fill out an information form. A payment reserves your spot.

Payments can be made by cash or check (preferred). We prefer that payment is made up front, however we can accept installments. Read on!

If you feel that you are able, please consider supporting families who can’t cover the full cost of the share by contributing to the Share Fund.

Payment Options

We never want cost to get in the way of eating fresh veggies!

We can offer payment plans and installments. We also have a Share Fund available to help those who need it. We also offer a work-for-share option to help cover the cost of a share with your time.

Please email us at to explore any of these options together. We plan to offer SNAP/EBT soon!

When and where do I pickup my share?

Our CSA runs every week for 20 weeks from early June through late October. We offer three pickup locations:

-On the farm in Greene (301 Quinn Rd) on Thursdays from 4:00-6:00 pm
-In Johnson City at the old mall (511 Reynolds Rd) on Tuesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm
-At the Oxford Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00pm

If you are physically unable to get to one of these locations each week, let us know so we can consider options!

Bonus! “What do I do with kohlrabi?

Each week we will send you a short newsletter about the harvest with sprinklings of recipes and ways to prepare your veggies.

ALSO! Each member will have access to Cook With What You Have, an exclusive online source for cooking tips and recipes specifically designed for CSA members, a $50 value.

We offer this to equip you with as many tools as we can to help you eat up your vegetables!