Share Fund

Share Fund

Thank you for considering helping families pay for the cost of a share! We aim to do everything we can to make nutritious produce available to all households in our area, and with your help, we are that much closer.

How it works: When a family reaches out to us, we can use these funds to help cover the remaining cost of their share. The number of families we can help will depend on the funds we’ve collected.

We hope to accept EBT in the near future!

We prefer cash or check so that all of your generous contribution goes toward the fund and not to credit card companies. We also can accept venmo (search for “wandercreekfarm” and look for the golden beet!) and credit card payments below.

The amounts listed below are just suggestions, feel free to change the custom amount to anything that works for you. Thank you!

One-time donation to our Share Fund:

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Thank you for supporting our community.