What our members have to say about our CSA:

We thank the many people who offered such encouraging words!

“This is our best CSA experience thus far. Simply give it a try, you will be glad you did. The quality and selection is beyond compare and much better than any organic produce available at the supermarket. We are very fortunate to have such a sustainable high quality food source in our community. Eat more plants, as much as you can, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. “

“If you are unsure about joining the Wander Creek CSA, there is not much to lose and much to gain by giving it a try. Not only will you be supporting local, no-till farming, but your food from there will be pesticide free. The variety allows you to pick items you are more likely to eat right away, store, or even learn a new recipe for. Mary and Jonathan have lots of ideas and they also connect you with a website with recipe ideas. Plus the you-pick flowers and their smiles each week at pick up will brighten your day!”

“Wander Creek Farm has an exceptional CSA service. It is obvious that Mary and Jonathan take great pride in their sustainable, safe farming methods, and their products. As a person with several chronic health concerns, I have felt complete confidence in the safety of the produce from the farm. Additionally, it is refreshing to have a choice in what you collect from a CSA. Everything we have gotten has been exceptionally clean, perfectly ripe, and delicious! You can’t get food like this in the grocery store anymore! Trust me it is well worth the initial investment.”

”I was getting tired (getting older) of trying to grow and keep up a large vegetable garden. When I learned about how Mary/Jon prepared their growing beds and grew their veggies – I decided to give their CSA a try. I especially liked being able to chose what I wanted each time (instead of having it chosen for me). I am so glad I did – they have the very best vegetables I have ever seen or tasted (outside of Europe). These veggies please not only your taste buds, but are also a visual delight. We will definitely be joining them again next year, and strongly recommend you too give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

“This CSA is so much better than others we have participated with. It is so great to have the freedom to select what we like each week. Also, it has felt so good to share the bounty with others when we are out of town.”

“Something about these veggies tastes better then any others we have had in the past. Our two year old daughter loves to eat her veggies at dinner (this wasn’t normal prior to joining your CSA) and it has let us explore lots of veggies we had been nervous to try in the past.”

“Being a part of this CSA in its first year has been wonderful. The plants have been full of color and full of flavor. The selection is everything we could have needed for our house hold. Mary and Jonathan have been a delight in delivering product and delivering great conversation being apart of each CSA members lives. They are very knowledgeable in what they do. Getting our plants from a no til no pesticides farm has made us feel better about where we get our produce from. Our daughter of 2 years even gets excited about going to the farm to pick out veg. Hopefully the love for fresh local veg passes on. I can’t say enough on how amazing the product has been thus far.”

“The veggies – and melon! – have been wonderful and a great variety. We love the ability to choose what we would like for our share, rather than having something that maybe has to be fed to the sheep and goats 🙂 And the flowers are also a nice bonus to warm our hearts.”

“Your CSA allows me to feel good about the food that I am feeding my family. Pick up location is convenient. Being able to choose what I would like each week works great for me so that I can choose items that I know I will use.”

“You are getting a great value – you can’t find anything like this regarding freshness and variety in a store or even other farmer’s markets.”

“The value simply cannot be compared to anything in the store, the price to the CSA members is incredibly fair given the quality and amount received. it’s exceptional.”

“This is our best CSA experience thus far, we are very impressed with the quality and selection.”

“Love it! The pickup site is conveniently located, well organized, and labeled. Jon and Mary are not only friendly but they answer any questions, offer suggestions for vegetables that may be a new experience. The produce is very clean and displayed neatly.The quality of the produce is exceptional! With no pesticides or commercial fertilizer used you know it is the healthiest possible food for your family! I am always amazed not only at the prizewinning appearance of the produce but the outstanding flavor! No garnish is needed!”

“I would definitely like to participate in years to come. It has been very pleasant to find what vegetables were brought to us. We enjoyed getting to know Mary and Jonathan who were helpful and informative. It felt good to support a local farm with people who had a real interest in good clean food.”

“Wander Creek is our first CSA experience. We chose to join because eating healthy is important to us and we were drawn in by their transparent, informative and professional website. We love the freshness, the variety and putting our eyes on the tidy, efficient farm where our produce is grown. We appreciate being able to make our own selections versus the boxed, preselected models of some CSAs. Mary and Jonathan are passionate about their work, very knowledgeable, friendly and always on hand with advice (and often free samples that have convinced us to try something new more than once!). The veggies are always attractively displayed. Making our selections is a pleasure. We will be returning next year!”

“Absolutely love the weekly farm fresh lettuces, chards, and enormous selection of veggies! Such a treat! I look forward to pick up days!”

“Vegetables from Wander Creek cannot be more fresh. We get quite excited for the Tuesday pick up to have such goodies in the fridge. The varietals are inspiring and I appreciate when unusual items appear for the selection each week. By far, the lettuce is our favorite to choose from.”

“With the beautiful fresh veggies provided in my Wander Creek Farm CSA I have found myself barely needing to go to the grocery store all summer! It has been an incredible value and experience. I’ve pushed myself to learn some new ways to cook and use more veggies, the variety/quantity is always ample and the food is SUCH GOOD QUALITY. They are doing just phenomenal work and they show that they really care about the health of our planet and community with their sustainable agricultural practices and smiles and conversations at pick up.”

“Looking at the season as a whole, I think this CSA is an incredible value, especially when you consider that the food is grown using organic methods (actually beyond organic) and the comparable cost of that food at the store, also the limited access we have to that caliber of food in our local area. It’s nice that you can double up on items if you know you’ll need more of a certain ingredient to stick to a meal plan.”

“From this CSA, we have received beautiful, healthy food in ample variety and quantity that I rest assured was grown using top notch sustainable practices that protect soil and air quality, support beneficial insects, and is good to put in our own bodies. Even with my own home garden plans for next year, I would still like to join the CSA as the variety and duration of vegetables grown will very likely exceed my own. The CSA is an incredible value as well and frankly saves me time and money as opposed to grocery store visits. Beyond what the CSA does for me, consider the meaning of the acronym. Community Supported Agriculture. By joining this CSA, we get to directly support that which we would like to have more of in our community: neighbor’s dreams to thrive in business that is good for our earth and good for our neighbors. Dreams fulfilled and supported. Business that puts good food in our community. Business that doesn’t harm our planet. We support them by riding the waves, the hardships of growing and the abundance of growing throughout a whole season. We stand with them when times are good and during times that farming is hard. This is a beautiful thing. Their success with our support inspires others in our community to pursue their dreams to make our corner of the world a better place to be. We also receive conversations and connections with other people who live nearby. The opportunity to stand on the soil where your food was grown. Knowing the people who bring your food to your table. Save the world- join this CSA! You’ll get to pick beautiful flowers every week too.”