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What to expect: As a member, you will pick up your share of produce once a week for 14 weeks (July-October) and take home your clean, pesticide-free, beautiful vegetables that were harvested that morning. A full-share member can choose 10-12 items from a market-style arrangement of the the crops we have available that week. You will have two pick-up locations to choose from: Tuesday afternoons at the Beer Tree’s brewery “Factory” in Johnson City, and Friday afternoons at our farm in Greene. We ask that you to stick to your pick up location/day so we can plan our harvests accordingly. All the juicy details can be found here: How Our CSA Works.

Becoming a member is simple:
1) Read the How Our CSA Works page
(It’s important that you understand the details!)
2) sign-up with your information below
3) make a payment (more info below)
That’s it! You’re a member!

Once You Sign Up: You will receive a confirmation from us with any follow up needs. Then in late spring, we’ll email you the logistical details. We’ll post all sorts of fun farm news in the meantime on Instagram, follow us along!

Your-Choice CSA Member Pricing (2022)

Share SizePay by Cash or Check Pay by Venmo (includes fee)Pay by Credit Card
(includes fee)*
Full Share
(pick up on farm)
Half Share
(pick up on farm)
$300 ($21.43/week)$306$312
Full Share
(pick up at Beer Tree)
Half Share
(pick-up at Beer Tree)
Share Fundany amount!any amount!any amount!
*We ALSO have to pay ANOTHER fee for you to use you credit card–you are not alone in your frustration and we thank you for your support. This is why we prefer cash or check. We do of course understand the convenience of using a credit card. Do what you gotta do!

Sign up here:

Please fill out this sign-up form and proceed to payment below.

(We do not share your information with anyone ever!)

Ways to Make a Payment

We prefer that payments are made in full by cash or check. You may also pay online using Venmo or with your credit card.

Pay with CheckPay with CashPay with VenmoPay With Credit Card
Please make checks out to: Wander Creek Farm LLC

and mail to:

Wander Creek Farm
PO Box 430
Greene NY, 13778
If you indicated that you will pay with cash in the form above, we will email you to arrange a drop-off;
or, email us at
Search for “wandercreekfarm” on Venmo and look for the golden beet!

Please be sure to choose the correct payment amount as listed above.
Follow the links below!
(You will automatically be charged a 3% transaction fee)

Buy Now:

Other considerations:

  • If it helps, you may pay in two installments by check only. Please send a post-dated check for May 1st for half the cost of the share along with your first installment check. 
  • Once you send a sign-up form, we’ll need to receive your payment within 10 days to hold your spot.

We are committed to making our vegetables as accessible as possible. If your household finds our share to be cost-prohibitive, please email us at with the amount you are able to pay for a share. With the help from the Share Fund, we will do all we can to make sure the remainder is covered.

If you can, please consider supporting families that need help paying for a share.

Simply add the amount you would like to offer to your check with a note in the memo line or fill out the donation form below. Head to the Share Fund page for more information. Thank you!

One-time donation to our Share Fund:

Choose an amount


Or enter a custom amount


Thank you for supporting our community.


Still not onboard? That’s okay! But it’s the bottom of the page so I feel like I can take you on a long-winded, non-user-friendly, imaginative journey. Read at your own risk:

Picture this: Imagine going to a farmers market, choosing 10-12 items from the display and loading them right into the bags/boxes/any-vessel-you-found-in-your-car that you brought with you. Your back seat may now contain the following (as an example): 1) a head of lettuce, 2) a bunch of radishes, 3) a bunch of beets, 4) a bag of salad greens, 5) another bag of salad greens ‘cuz you love it, 6) a bag of spinach, 7) a bunch of kale, 8) a bunch of rainbow chard, 9) a bunch of dill, 10) a bunch of salad turnips (YUM), 11) a small cabbage, 12) a memory of a hug from Jonathan (just kidding? how about a couple cucumbers).

It’s like that, but better because you’ve already paid long ago and you’re getting an amazing value because of it, it’s easy and straight forward, you don’t have to take things you don’t want, you get to see our smiling faces, and you don’t have to deal with the bustle of the market. And! Maybe you decide to take the dog for a walk around the farm, stopping to pick a bunch of flowers for the table before you head home, where you can pull up “Cook With What You Have” (a online subscription we provide at no additional cost to you) to find inspiration on what to make for dinner from the bounty you just unloaded. Tada! All growing-season long.

Variations to this recipe for good-livin’ could include: visiting with friends and neighbors, letting your kids run out some energy outside after school, packing a picnic with some carbonated beverages to hang around on a Friday evening, bringing your in-laws because you need to find things to do with them while they’re in town, the list goes on! We also look forward to a future full of potlucks, live music, and other events as we get things rolling.

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