Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand

If you don’t need our vegetables, or if you’re too far away but you still want to contribute to our farming venture somehow, we would first like to say thank you!

Spread the word: A great way to pitch in would be to tell anyone that lives in our region about our CSA. We hope to grow our membership steadily from year to year and spreading the word would be very helpful! Send them to our instagram!

Join another CSA: If you’re just too far away to participate with us, we encourage you to find another CSA near you. We believe that supporting small farms has ripple effects that reach far and wide in affecting change in our nation’s food system.

Share your skills: If you have skills that you wish to share with us on the farm, fantastic! Let’s talk. Send us an email at info@wandercreekfarm.com

Financial: If you feel that you’d like to help us financially, you can contribute to the Share Fund which enables us to grow and offer food to families who may not be able to cover the cost of a share. Thank you!

Volunteer: We plan to host volunteers (gratefully!) during the growing season, for who ever wants to get their hands in the soil. Stay tuned!

Can you think of another way? Amazing, we’re all ears!